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Established in 1930 in Ironbridge, Shropshire by two spinning mill owners W.G. Holmes and G.H. Laxton, with the assistance of C.J.Rendell (then Production Chief at Chad Valley) and A.C. Janisch (then Head of Sales at J.K. Farnell), Merrythought was born. Here, they had the talent, of two established and experienced business men in the soft toy industry plus the experience and the know-how to weave and create the highest quality mohair for these soft toys.

They were also joined at this time by a designer from Chad Valley, a truly remarkable woman called Florence Upton. (Florence was a deaf - mute and had attended school with the daughter of C.J. Rendell). Using her talent she was able to translate artists drawings into patterns and single handedly designed all 32 patterns for Merrythougts Premier line in 1930. Up until her death in 1949, she was still Chief Designer, and some of her original patterns are still in use today.

After creating the London Gold Range, The Cheekies and the Punkies, and 74 years after first opening their doors, Merrythought closed in 2006. Due to public demand they re-opened again in 2007, albeit on a smaller scale. Focusing on both traditional and collectable teddy bears.

Today Merrythought remains a 5th generation run company, that for 80 years has been hand making toys in England, and is still responsible, for some of "Britain's finest soft toys"

It's great to be eccentric and British - That's Merrythought down to a T. From their beautiful classic range to their fun and wacky 'Cheeky' bears, right up to their 'Punkies'. Design is everything!
  • Merrythought Rupert Bear

    Due to problems arising within production making this piece rare and much sort after, we are honoured to offer to you the much loved, yellow checked trouser wearing, resident of Nutwood - Rupert Bear by Merrythought, complete with a superb display box
  • Merrythought Limited Edition Bears

    Merrythought Beautiful, Limited Edition mohair collectors pieces, whose classic designs can date back as far as the 1930s for inspiration.
  • Merrythought Punkie Bears

    The distinctive bears with the mohair mohican - Merrythought Punkie, certainly leaves an impression.
  • Merrythought Cheeky Bears

    Endearingly lovable characters, with the oversized head and bells in their low hung cupped ears, make these Merryhought bears totally charming.
  • Merrythought Traditional Teddy Bears

    The quintessential Merrythought English Teddy Bear, in an assortment of desirable designs.
  • Merrythought Accessories

    Gifts associated with the iconic Merrythought Teddy Bears.