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Cobweb Cottage Teddybears ‘Kaylee’ OOAK Artist Bear Miniature

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Those expressive eyebrows and low hung, wee ears create quite the endearing personality. It's Kaylee an Ooak Miniature Artist Bear, from Cobweb Cottage Teddy Bears.

Kaylee is a 7.6 cm / 3" fully jointed miniature bear (not including her hat). She has been sewn from a luxurious and soft, close-pile natural mohair, with matching hued, warm-touch paws, all of which have been carefully shaded. Her hand stitched features include the appealing eyebrows above her glossy black eyes, and the waxed, black stitch nose and mouth on her shaved snout, which too, have received daintily applied hand shading, bringing shape and definition. To finish, a knitted long tailed cap in pink and white stripes.

Kaylee is One of a Kind and comes with her numbered swing tag.
Suitable for collectors only, This is NOT a toy