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Hannelore Daab Design Bears ‘Little Darling’ Mohair artist Bear

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The adorable Little Darling is a bear much loved and played with. Why he could tell you of his adventures and tales. He has been lovingly designed and created by Hannelore Daab Design Bears.

Little Darling is a 10 cm / 4" fully jointed miniature bear. He has been sewn from a once luxurious, but now over time, matted blonde mohair, with coordinating tactile suede paws, plus glossy black eyes with a sweet hand stitched black nose on his muzzle brings charm, whilst delicately applied hand shading has been used to show age and wear, with a shiny gold metal jingle bell upon a thread necklace, showing what's special to him.

He comes with his detailed swing tag.
Suitable for collectors only, This is NOT a toy