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Jellycat design, high quality plush animals, stuffed toys and bears, in what can only be described, as innovative and on trend. With fans ranging from birth to the established adult, who will have nothing less!

At World of Bears, we have a large ranges of JellyCat Stuffed Toys and we invite you to browse through our range of not only beautifully crafted, but imaginatively named JellyCat Stuffed Toys with Jellycat Bashful Bunny being one of our favourites.

We also stock a great Little Jellycat Baby range.

One thing you can be sure of is that JellyCat will definitely become a firm favourite, and a must-have!
  • Jellycat Latest Arrivals

    What's modern and traditional, with a fabulous contemporary twist, whilst being fun, amusing and lovably huggable?

    It's Jellycat of course!!
  • Jellycat Baby

    Little JellyCat is the uber fabulous Baby Range, from the silky soft goodness, that is JellyCat. It's a tactile sensation!! Designed just for baby
  • Jellycat Books

    Just as ideal for toddlers as they are for older children, you'll have fun reading along together, whether for an educational tool or play.
  • Jellycat Bashful Bunny

    Bashful Bunny is what you associate with JellyCat. Their most popular character, wonderfully tactile with silky smooth ears, and bags of appeal and charm.
  • Jellycat Bashful Animals

    One of the most popular Jellycat ranges, features silky soft animals in many forms.
  • Jellycat Bags, Purses and Charms

    For those must-have adornments in cute characters and contemporary purses, it has to be J.C.
  • Jellycat Amuseables

    If you find fun in everyday items, then this addictive collection is perfect for you. Cheeky characters as you've never seen before.
  • Jellycat On the Ice

    Jellycat have really upped their game, with wonderfully scrummy designs and textures, in both traditional and contemporary creations, that have been created especially for you and your loved ones
  • Jellycat Jelly Christmas

    Bring a sense of cheer & fun with seasonal characters, that are perfect to bring the jingle to the festivities.
  • Jellycat Teddy Bears

    Long associated with childhood, these gorgeously appealing bears are suitable for adults too!
  • Jellycat In the Sea / Rivers

    Mixing tactile fabrics have always been a hit, now it's the tentacle, horn, flipper and claw, sea creatures turn.
  • Jellycat Myths and Dinosaurs

    For every little Prince or Princess to continue with their adventures, they require a little touch of magic!
  • Jellycat Pets and more

    Search for your favourite or more unusual pets here, that will halt your longing.
  • Jellycat Farm and Woodland

    Here you will find farm stock and their wild friends, living close by.

  • Jellycat Wild Things

    For those who dwell on the plains and in the jungle, narrow your search here.
  • Jellycat Mad Menagerie

    Choose from a flurry of feathers, or exagerated designer plush!
  • Jellycat Valentines

    All You Need Is Love Collection
  • Jellycat Awaiting Delivery

    Take a peak into the future, with visions of upcoming releases and new designs by the world's favourite luxury soft toy company.