Teddy Bears
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Kosen Teddy Bears

These wonderful Kosen plush and mohair bears and animals, are made from top quality fabrics and materials. Kosen pride themselves on the level of craftmanship that has gone into each piece, ensuring that each animal has the most realistic look, alongside its truelife counterpart.
Detail is a must for facial design, and the artisans at Kosen use their individual talents, in creating each piece of art, with the help of embroidery and hand applied airbrushing alongside delicate painting.

Time and great care is taken over every Kosen piece. Some are created from as many as 70 individual pieces and elements, being lovingly completed by hand. The high quality and standards of these gorgeous creations, means that you are receiving a truly special, cuddly toy animal, that surpasses all those before them.

  • Kosen Birds

    If it is the feathered variety of friend you are after, than look no further than Kosens Bird Range for that true Avian vibe.
  • Kosen Cats

    Wonderful examples of the comforting, warm lap cat plus the big breeds, Kosen Cats are truly "feline" fine!
  • Kosen Dogs

    For a captivating rendition of Mans Best Friend, have a look at Kosens Dog Range - there is a much researched, assortment of breeds on offer.
  • Kosen Horses

    It is every little girls dream to own either a Pony or a Horse, now with Kosens Horse Range, they can choose a new playmate to their hearts content!
  • Kosen Insects

    Looking for creepy crawlies, colourful insects and the odd amphibian, then jump right in - We wont guarantee that Kosen Insects range dont bite!
  • Kosen Pandas

    If it is the monchrome look of the Panda that appeals, or the gentleness of this great, historic bear, Kosen Pandas have some fabulous choices.
  • Kosen Artic

    If you like the mystery and magic that surrounds those that inhabit colder climates, just look at the fabuolus selection on offer from Kosen Arctic range.
  • Kosen Pets

    For those fluffier wee bundles of Hamsters and beloved Bunnies, plus miniature version of man's best friend, Chinchillas and Hedgehogs.
  • Kosen Farm Animals

    If animals that dwell in and around the farm, as well as on it, are your thing, then Kosen Pets and Farm Animals, has an abundance of both domestic and wild.
  • Kosen Rodents

    For the small animals with the long wispy tails, that dwell in hedgerows and stables, take a peak at Kosens Rodent selection.
  • Kosen Sea and River

    For those that dwell in and around the river banks, lakes and sea, dip your toe into Kosen Sea and River assortment.
  • Kosen Wild animals

    If you are searching for those that live on the plains, in mountainous terrain or dense woodland, then look no further for what you desire in Kosen Wild Animals
  • Kosen Wild Bears

    Here you will find the 'big' bears in all their manificent glory from the Arctic, Woodlands & Forest. 'Smaller' bears from the Outback & Jungle are residing here too - in Kosen Bears!
  • Kosen Dinosaur

    Inspired by the drawings of historians and palaeontologists, we introduce those that walked the earth before us.
  • Kosen Signature Bears

    Designed by the uber talented Annette Rauch, these delights come with some of her trademark tells ... fluffy ruff, decorative attachment and embroidered nose.
  • Kosen Mohair and Alpaca

    Just as delectable and detailed as their plush counterparts, Kosen's mohair pieces take it to another level.
  • Kosen Limited Editions

    Highly collectable and much sort after creations marvelled for their detail and exclusivity.
  • Kosen Studio Animals

    For when you want to make a statement, life-sized masterpieces ready to adorn your home.
  • Kosen World of Fairy Tales

    Amazing costumes with fabulous details, enhance these beloved children's characters.
  • Kosen Retired and Sold Out

    True gems no longer available as retired or sold out.

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