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Little Jellycat

From the same wonderful people as JellyCat, Little JellyCat offers to you a range designed specifically for Babies and their growing sensory needs.

With wacky, bright colours, in vivid designs and a wide assortment of textiles within one piece, they are a Baby Wonderland, of finger exploring adventure! It's isn't only touch, but sound from musical, to chimes, rattles and a hand, tensing squeeze, plus friendly characters guide you on your way.

We also stock a great JellyCat range.
  • Jellycat Baby Latest Arrivals

    The latest captivating designs, that are baby perfect, with that extra Little Jellycat charm and irresistibilty!
  • Jellycat Baby Bears

    For everyone's favourite cuddly, look no further than their first, with Jellycats Baby Teds.
  • Jellycat Baby Rattering

    Perfect handling for wee hands, plus a noise too! They'll be totally enamoured.
  • Jellycat Baby Rumpus

    Rumpus are rounded, rattle filled tummed lovelies, with gorgeously emotive eyebrows.
  • Jellycat Baby Flapper Birds

    With a surprising amount of differing fabrics and textures, these Flapper Birds are a sensory burst.

  • Jellycat Baby Boing Balls

    A brightly coloured ball with a difference ... it makes a noise, every time it bounces.
  • Jellycat Baby Books

    For that soothing bedtime tale, or interactive fun check out the latest Little Jellycat Baby Books.
  • Jellycat Baby Cordy Roys

    Jellycats most tactile range has now blossomed into Little Jellycat with tantilizing ideas for new borns.
  • Jellycat Baby Bashful

    Your most loved Bashful Characters have been revamped, so that they are perfect for your developing baby.

  • Jellycat Baby Blue

    Everything for the boys, in that all important shade, wonderful new favourites, with milestone developments included.
  • Jellycat Baby Pink

    Everything for the girls, in that all important shade, wonderful new favourites, with milestone developments included.
  • Jellycat Baby Neutral

    A fabulous compromise if you are unsure, wonderful new favourites, with milestone developments included.
  • Jellycat Baby Best Friend

    No longer just Man's Best Friend, but Baby's too. Check out these puppies.

  • Jellycat Baby Wild

    Fresh from the wild jungles, woods, forests and plains, are traditional characters, with a contemporary twist!
  • Jellycat Baby DozyDous

    Gloriously floppy, with a bean filled bum and soft filling for their limbs, make these lovelies poseable!
  • Jellycat Baby Farm

    For those childhood favourites we are first taught, that reside on or around the farm.
  • Jellycat Baby Sea

    If sealife is more your thing, check out these magnetic residents with their interactive charm.
  • Jellycat Baby Rattle

    Totally engaging hand held rattles, concealed within gorgeously appealing, soft plush characters.
  • Jellycat Baby Chime / Musical

    For that musical note vibe enlist the help of the Chimes and Musical Pulls. Great new cuddly pals that conceal a tune or a melody.
  • Jellycat Baby Grabber

    A contemporary twist on a traditional design. What was once a rubber teething ring, in now a plush character with a rattle.

  • Jellycat Baby Comforter

    Gorgeously soothing and comforting mini blankets, with that fabulous calming feel, aiding your little one to rest and relax.
  • Jellycat Retired Baby

    Wonderful designs, from past ranges of Little Jellycat, now retired and no longer available.