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R John Wright The Fairy Tale Mice Tom Thumb Mouse Limited Edition

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The delectable Tom Thumb Mouse is the second release from R John Wright's Fairy Tale Series, where nursery characters are bought to life, in the form of their popular mice.

Originally published in 1621, this tale from English Folklore features a diminutive child, who was born the same size of his father's thumb, yet over comes so much, to experience adventure and danger, before meeting his demise from a fatal spider bite. It is said, that you can even find the home and grave of Tom Thumb in Tattershallin, Lincolshire, England.

Tom is an enchanting and charismatic 3" / 11.8 cm and is a fully jointed mouse. He has been sewn from a luxurious, woven mohair, wool plush, with dainty resin paws, fine whiskers, glossy black glass eyes and had stitched features. He even has wire inserted into his leather tail. Careful scissor sculpting and delicate shading have created a captivating character, whilst a built-in metal stand provides effortless display.

His period costume is completely crafted from the finest wool felt, including his hand shaded and embossed leaf hat, making you believe, that is what is actually upon his head. His collared and long-sleeved raggedy edged tunic is fastened with orange twill, matching the ties of his hand shaded peasant shoes, whilst his decorative brass buckle is custom-cast, adding charm to his leather belt. To finish, he fiercely holds his wooden sword, that has been handcrafted and painted at the RJW studio.

This magnificent soft sculpture is a Worldwide Limited Edition of just 150 pieces and will be presented in a deluxe presentation box, complete with his signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.
Suitable for collectors only, This is NOT a toy