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R John Wright Wizard of Oz - Nikko Mouse Limited Edition

Our Price: 499.00

To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the release of the much loved classic, The Wizard of Oz, the creative artisans at R John Wright, are celebrating in their own unique way, by breathing new life into the courageous, heroic and wicked characters, in the form of their much prized mice - meet the leader of the Wicked Witches flying monkeys - Nikko Mouse.

Nikko Mouse is 3" tall, with a turnable head and moveable arms. He has been crafted from a luxurious, custom dyed, mohair plush, with dainty resin paws, German glass eyes, fine whiskers, a leather tail, plus a built in stand for ease of display. Carefully applied airbrush shading and hand painting, have created definition and detail to his devious face, paws, torso, tail and alpaca wings (that have been given the illusion of feathers). He is adorned in an authentic copy, of the costume worn by his character in the film - A wool felt jacket, embellished with an applique pattern, that matches the design upon his wool felt box hat, plus corresponding cross over straps, wrap around his torso, all in sky blue, white and red hues, not unlike those worn by circus entertainers at the time ... fly my pretties, fly ... bad, yet adorably fabulous!

This masterpiece of soft sculpture is a Worldwide Limited Edition of just 200 pieces and will be presented to you in a custom made box, with his signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Suitable for collectors only, This is NOT a toy