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Steiff 354601 Walt Disney 1932 Mickey Mouse Limited Edition

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Designed in colloboration with and for Disney, by the Master Teddy Bear Makers - Steiff. The design for this Mickey Mouse has been taken from an earlier 1932 cinema release. You can see how different, yet similar the current 2016 version is and how much, it has evolved with the change of time. He still has his three finger and thumb white gloves, with red shorts. The modern day buttons are white and appear half way down the front, whilst the 1932 version, has the buttons with red thread arrows, pointing down and are on the very top of his waistband. His boots are yellow opposed to brown, whilst his eyes have evolved from black circles, omitting a triangular section. to large oval white eyes with a black oval pupil at the bottom of the eye. His face has also altered from a white tone to a peachy skin tone. Either way, he is instantly recognisable as being Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse is 33cm tall and non-jointed. He has been sewn from luxuriously decadent, trevira velvet in glossy black, with a snow white face, crimson red for his shorts and tan brown for his boots. His three finger gloves are crafted from the finest, off-white wool felt, as are his large black saucer ears. He has black applique eyes, with embroidered facial definition for his upturned nose and low, wide smile. Cotton whiskers, and white buttons with red arrow stitching complete his iconic look. Quite the Masterpiece!

This 1932 Mickey Mouse is a Worldwide Limited Edition of just 2,000 pieces and will come to you boxed, with his numbered certificate of authenticity
Suitable for collectors only, This is NOT a toy