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Steiff Current Limited Editions

Welcome to Steiff's Current Limited Editions for 2019 - we also have an extensive range of Steiff from Previous Years Limited Editions going back over thirty years too. . Select here to see previous years editions

Including in 2019's assortment of Limited Editions, we have the Jewel in Steiff's Crown, the British Collector's Bear for this current year, Licenced favourites such as the Christopher Robin Gift Set, Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger depicted as seen in their latest film, Looney Tunes Pepe Le Pew the oh so fragrant lothario skunk, Dreamworks Noddy celebrating his 70th Year and two very special 90th Anniversary pieces, in Disney's Steamboat Willie - Mickey and Minnie Mouse in their original black and white glory. Then there are wonderful Replica renditions such as the 1937 'Fox' Fox Terrier along with the gorgeous 1910 Replica Teddy Bear. There is also a 110th Memorial Bear marking the death of founder Margarete Steiff. Plus adorable new designs such as Maggy Mouse with her own wee Teddy Bear, plus a continuation of the Mini Bear series with a charming 1903 handful.

All these and more, with seasonal releases appearing at a later date.

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