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Wooden Postcard - Musical Stools

Our Price: 4.00

Courtesy of The Wooden Postcard Company, we can now offer to you some rather special mementos in the form of 4" x 6" cards.

This unique and totally different idea uses FSC certified wood, in England and is a lot sturdier than your average postcard. All you need to do, after choosing your design, is write your message with a biro pen, add a 1st or 2nd class stamp (for those of you who live in the UK) and then simply post, (you can send anywhere in the world). Imagine the delight and surprise upon your loved ones face as they receive something that is actually very special.

The Musical Stools Postcard, depicts a colour illustration of a happy, playful event in the woodland glade featuring many of its native inhabitants. Is it a game? or a dance? you may ask. Mr Squirrel is playing his fiddle to an audience who are perched upon colourful toadstools. The frog and the dormouse give it away. They are playing a version of our childhood game - musical chairs, but as they have no chairs only toadstools, they call it Musical Stools. The firebugs bring the light, whilst others observe or partake. A wonderful get together and show of unity beneath the night sky.

These make wonderful gifts, notelets or postcards and will brighten up anyone's day.

Suitable for collectors only, This is NOT a toy

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