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Steiff Bears Craftmanship

Steiff have become the company that they are today, thanks to the traditions and ideals of excellence, that first came to the fore in 1880. Steiff Craftsmanship is legendary, resulting in the most spectacular of pieces. The artisans still use traditional tools and methods first founded in 1880, resulting in expert hands responsible for the fabulous creations made available to you. Thank Steiff for Steiff Craftsmanship!

Steiff Craftmanship

Steiff Craftsmanship stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication that have defined this renowned brand since its inception in 1880. Steiff’s commitment to exceptional craftsmanship has been unwavering for over a century, making them a global leader in creating the world’s finest plush toys. Each Steiff creation is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted with meticulous attention to detail and passion for perfection.

At the heart of Steiff’s Craftsmanship is the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of their plush toys. From the design process to the selection of materials, Steiff ensures that only the highest quality components are used, resulting in plush companions that are not only adorable but also durable and made to last.

Steiff’s artisans skillfully bring each creation to life, with a keen eye for lifelike features and a dedication to capturing the essence of the animals they depict. From realistic fur textures to expressive faces, every detail is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of wonder and charm.

The signature “Button in Ear” trademark, introduced by Steiff in 1904, remains a symbol of authenticity and quality, assuring customers that they are acquiring a genuine Steiff masterpiece. This mark of Craftsmanship is a stamp of approval that represents generations of tradition and uncompromising quality.

Steiff’s commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable manufacturing practices further underscores their dedication to Craftsmanship. The brand’s adherence to the highest standards of safety and ethical principles ensures that each plush toy is not only a work of art but also a responsible and eco-conscious choice.

In a world of mass-produced toys, Steiff Craftsmanship stands out as an emblem of timeless elegance, enduring value, and a celebration of the wonders of childhood. Each Steiff plush toy embodies the magic of imagination, making them cherished companions and treasured keepsakes for generations to come. Embrace the legacy of Steiff Craftsmanship and experience the artistry that has enchanted hearts around the world for over a century.

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Lovely quality hare case,

Geraldine Hayward
Verified Customer

Easy to order online prices very competitive fast safe service kept me well informed via updates as to confirmation posting etc well done

Karen Smy
Verified Customer

Great service!

Trusted Customer
Verified Customer

Good range of soft toys. Free delivery when spent over a certain amount was a nice touch. Would recommend.

Sabina Marriott
Verified Customer

Love it!

Trusted Customer
Verified Customer

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Being established since 1999 in Somersets Cheddar Gorge and County Town of Taunton. The Gorge Bear Co and World of Bears are renowned for being the worlds best and biggest teddy bear shop most people will have ever visited.

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Allan Thacker
Verified Customer

First class service and an excellent choice. Steiff teddy bears are number one and you will not be disappointed.

Trusted Customer
Verified Customer

In general the World of Bears is helpful and efficient, with a great range of lovely bears at a reasonable cost. We had a miscommunication which meant I waited a while for part of my order, but once that was sorted there were no problems. Packaging for overseas shippment could be a little better with more padding inside the box around the bears so they do not get damaged - the last 2 boxes I received have been squashed in one side but thankfully the bears were undamaged.

Trusted Customer
Verified Customer

What a beautiful dog ! So real looking and i love the dogs face !

Sandra Brown
Verified Customer

Good service and delivered on time.

Liv Dahl
Verified Customer

Excellent and personal service. I would recommend this shop to everyone who is interested in collecting bears ! Or need a cute, little friend :-)

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