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Here you can discover designers such as Matchbox and Lleddo adding famous race cars brands alongside vintage, product labelled delivery trucks, plus horse drawn carriages and classic cars of yesteryear.

Die-Cast Toys

Die-cast toys from Lledo and Matchbox are a nostalgic and beloved part of the toy industry. Both companies have a rich history of producing high-quality miniature replicas of vehicles and other iconic objects. Lledo, established in 1982, quickly gained popularity for its attention to detail and authenticity in recreating classic cars and vintage models. On the other hand, Matchbox, founded in 1953, became famous for its small-scale die-cast vehicles that fit perfectly in a matchbox, hence its name. Over the years, both Lledo and Matchbox have continued to capture the imagination of collectors and toy enthusiasts worldwide, offering an impressive array of die-cast toys that evoke a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for automotive history. These timeless die-cast toys remain cherished and sought-after, symbolizing the enduring appeal of classic vehicles and the joy of imaginative play.

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Amanda Cunningham
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Gorgeous! Very cute and cuddly

Deborah Meehan
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quick service and super speedy customer service

Zivile Du Plessis
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Always friendly, always fast! I am very fond of World of Bears and its staff :)

Sandra M�nty
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Quick service and lovely toy

Grazia Pac
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Trusted Customer
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Perfect!! She's taken pride of place next to her boyfriend sooty on my shelf with all my other steiff bears :-)

Trusted Customer
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charming, lovely little bear.

Margaret anne Newman
Verified Customer

Well just adorable so soft and holdable for little hands.

Gabriella Büki
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I love Larry Lobster. :) :)

Tracy East
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Lovely quality as you would expect from Steiff.

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