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What’s in a name? Like Corgi, more than you would think. It appears that Jack Odell (who just so happened to be the co-founder of Matchbox), co-founded Lledo in 1982. Have you spotted anything yet? Yes Lledo is Odell spelt backwards. It was something Jack learnt in the war (mnemonic) and he wanted to make the new company memorable.

Production in Enfield, England lasted for 16 years, whilst the remaining eight saw manufacture in China. The plan was to replicate the earlier Matchbox styles, especially the Yesteryear Collection. Lledo relaunched it as Days Gone and continued with their promotional range with slight variations of colour and paint design for businesses.

In 1999 Lledo sadly had to call it a day, as bankruptcy loomed, Matchbox were sold both the model range and naming rights, with the models becoming a part of the Classic Corgi Range. You could say, that Odell had gone full circle with Lledo.

LLedo Die-Cast Toys

Lledo’s range of die-cast toys is as diverse as it is impressive, offering something for collectors and toy enthusiasts of all ages. One of their signature series is the “Days Gone” collection, featuring meticulously crafted vintage vehicles from different eras, including classic cars, delivery vans, and buses. These evocative models transport collectors back in time, celebrating the rich history of transportation.

In addition to their automotive-themed toys, Lledo also produces die-cast replicas of iconic and historical objects, such as vintage fire engines, horse-drawn carriages, and even famous landmarks. These unique additions to their range appeal to history buffs and architectural enthusiasts alike, reflecting the company’s dedication to capturing the essence of bygone eras.

Lledo’s collaborations with various brands and businesses have resulted in exclusive editions of die-cast toys, including promotional models for companies, limited edition releases, and commemorative sets. These special editions add a touch of exclusivity to the collection, making them highly sought-after by collectors.

Moreover, recognizing the timeless appeal of superheroes and popular culture, Lledo has expanded its range to include die-cast models of iconic characters and fictional vehicles. From legendary comic book heroes to beloved film franchises, these toys cater to fans of all things superhero and pop culture.

To ensure their die-cast toys appeal to younger audiences as well, Lledo has introduced playsets and sets that encourage imaginative play and storytelling. These interactive offerings open up a world of creativity and fun for children, fostering a love for toys that transcend generations.

Whether one’s passion lies in vintage vehicles, historical objects, superheroes, or imaginative playsets, Lledo’s range of die-cast toys continues to captivate with its attention to detail, craftsmanship, and dedication to authenticity. With every model carrying a piece of history and storytelling, Lledo remains a beloved name in the world of die-cast toys, bringing joy and fascination to collectors and toy enthusiasts worldwide.

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I was quite delighted to be able to find what I was looking for and more than that delighted with the beauty and quality of what I chose. I had been looking on other sites and couldn't find anything at all that pleased me until I found this site. Excellent help from staff as well was reminded of world of bears by a close person who had found a suitable animal previously. Added to that I had left little time to buy my gift and despite the fact

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Trusted Customer
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Superb customer service. My favourite shop on the web.

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I love it so much. It's super cuddly and soft.

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Just as we saw in the shop window.

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Alfie is gorgeous with his beautiful tawny fur and splendid scarf! We bought him together with Finley, as presents, and it was very hard indeed to send them on!

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Great childs collectable for 2017

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