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In 1973 TV brought us the Wombles, a stop motion animation about creatures living under Wimbledon Common, they collected and recycled human litter and rubbish.

Meet Orinoco.

Wombles History

The Wombles are beloved fictional characters created by British author Elisabeth Beresford. They first appeared in the children’s book “The Wombles” in 1968. The Wombles are furry, anthropomorphic creatures living in burrows on Wimbledon Common in London. Led by Great Uncle Bulgaria, the Wombles’ mission is to collect and recycle human waste and discarded items, transforming them into useful objects to help the environment. Each Womble is named after a specific location or profession, such as Orinoco, Bungo, and Madame Cholet.

The Wombles’ popularity soared with the release of a stop-motion animated TV series, which aired in the UK during the 1970s. The charming characters and their eco-friendly adventures resonated with audiences, making them a cherished part of British culture.

Due to their popularity, the Wombles have become a source of inspiration for licensed collectible toys. Collectible toys related to the Wombles franchise often cater to fans’ nostalgia and desire to own tangible representations of their favorite characters.

Some examples of licensed collectible toys based on the Wombles include:

Licensed collectible toys offer fans the opportunity to bring the magic of the Wombles into their homes and display their affection for these endearing characters. Whether they are displayed on shelves, cherished by fans, or gifted to loved ones, Wombles collectible toys serve as a tangible connection to the beloved franchise’s rich history and enduring charm.

Steiff collaborated to ensure that these collectible toys maintain authenticity, capturing the essence of the Wombles as depicted in the original TV series and books. By offering high-quality and appealing collectible toys, enthusiasts can engage with the Wombles’ eco-friendly message and immerse themselves in the heartwarming world of Wimbledon Common.

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