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Coca Cola

John Pemberton, an Atlanta pharmacist introduced Coca-Cola to the world in the 1880’s, in the 1920’s polar bears were included in the advertising, here the well known drink has teamed up with the fabulous Steiff to bring you some amazing polar bears with Coca-Cola accents.

Coca Cola

Initially introduced as a ‘medicine’ in 1886 by John S Pemberton and his partner Frank M Robinson, the beverage earned the name Coca Cola due to the incorporation of the first letters from its two key ingredients – coca leaves and kola nuts, which provide the caffeine content. However, it was Asa Candler, who acquired the business, that truly showcased his marketing expertise and transformed the soft drink into the iconic refreshment we cherish today.

In its early days, the Coca Cola logo featured a black Spencerian script with the addition of the word ‘trade-mark’ at the tail of the first ‘C’ (1887 – 1890). Subsequently, the wording was removed from the tail and placed directly beneath the logo from 1941 to 1960. It was during the period from 1958 to 1960 that the logo adopted its more recognizable look, with white script on a red background. The iconic white wave design was then introduced in 1969. Finally, in 2007, the classic logo that we now adore emerged, showcasing a twisting white ribbon beneath the white script, set against a striking red backdrop. This image has become universally recognizable, transcending language barriers.

Over time, the Coca Cola brand has formed partnerships and collaborations with various other companies, and its image has appeared alongside numerous other brands. Additionally, the famous logo is now prominently featured on a wide range of products, extending beyond just beverages. This includes Limited-edition items, specially crafted Steiff Coca Cola bears, and collectibles that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. From clothing and homeware to art and porcelain, the presence of the beloved Coca Cola logo has become a symbol of nostalgia and cherished memories. Undoubtedly, the iconic brand’s influence is deeply rooted in pop culture, making it a timeless and enduring part of our lives.

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Good quality bear, nicely wrapped in a Steiff box. Lovely keepsake as date embroidered on foot.

Rose Clarkson
Verified Customer

Alison Caterson
Verified Customer

Trusted Customer
Verified Customer

Excellent service. Easy ordering and a beautiful gift for anyone who loves bears!!

Heather Lear
Verified Customer

Have not been able to see it as sent to Grandaughter in US.

margaret Clark
Verified Customer

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Jill Mackintosh
Verified Customer

sarah pollard
Verified Customer

Always great service and value for money. Bought a small bunny as a present for a friend who just had a little boy, and mini penguins as stocking fillers for my boys

Jennifer Powell
Verified Customer

Lovely soft toy, bought as a Christmas present. Recipient was delighted.

lyn duckworth
Verified Customer

Excellent service with fast delivery of my beautiful steiff bear.

Jenny Turfrey
Verified Customer

Always first class service

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