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Paddington Bear

Christmas Eve 1956, Michael Bond entered a London store, with the intention of getting his wife Brenda a gift. What caught his attention, was a lone Teddy Bear on a shelf which he bought and named Paddington, as they lived nearby.

Less than 2 years later on October 13th 1958 ‘A Bear called Paddington’ was published, and the rest is history. Please look after this bear, Thank you.

Michael Bond Paddington Bear

The heartwarming tale of Paddington Bear begins with an endearing Bear Cub, sent all the way from Darkest Peru by his beloved Aunt Lucy. Dressed in the only adornments he owned and clutching a tattered suitcase filled with his favorite treat – marmalade, Paddington arrives at bustling Paddington Station in London. Amidst the chaos of experienced London travelers, it is there that fate intervenes, as Mr. Brown spots the adorable bear and notices the label attached to his coat, which reads, “Please look after this Bear … thank you.”

Without a second thought, Mr. Brown realizes that this little bear is in need of a helping hand. Both he and his wife decide to take Paddington home with them, welcoming him into their family. Introduced to his new family members – Jonathan, Judy, and Mrs. Bird, the talented housekeeper – Paddington quickly becomes an endearing addition to their lives. Mrs. Bird, in particular, takes on the role of caretaker and friend, ensuring that Paddington feels loved and protected.

The adventures, capers, fun, and excitement are quick to ensue with Paddington around. Whether he’s accidentally flooding the bathroom, getting into hilarious mishaps, or encountering peculiar characters on his escapades, there’s never a dull moment when Paddington is involved. Through his innocent curiosity, heartwarming innocence, and knack for getting into humorous situations, Paddington touches the hearts of the Brown family and everyone he meets.

In Winter 2014, Paddington Bear made a highly anticipated transition from the pages of books to the silver screen. His premier performance on the big screen introduced his lovable way of life to a new generation of fans, reigniting the passion of those who had cherished him before.

At World of Bears, Paddington’s timeless charm is celebrated through a range of soft and collectible toys from esteemed brands like Steiff and Rainbow Toys. These enchanting toys bring the endearing bear to life, allowing fans to hold and cherish their very own Paddington and Aunt Lucy companions.

The enduring appeal of Paddington Bear lies in his ability to bring joy, laughter, and a sense of wonder to readers of all ages. His heartwarming journey from Darkest Peru to the bustling streets of London has captured the imagination of millions, making him a beloved character that transcends time and continues to hold a special place in the hearts of readers and moviegoers worldwide.

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More than satisfied with the Rupert Bear I received. A present for my wife who has been a Rupert fan since childhood. I bought the bear this year for her birthday, because it is the hundredth anniversary of Rupert Bear.

Graham T Smith
Verified Customer

Very good customer service very fast delivery will be ordering again many thanks x

Lucy Syrett
Verified Customer

Great service, super speedy delivery and amazing products!!!

Judy Fuleova
Verified Customer

Well made and appears to be a quality product.

Liam Bosley
Verified Customer

Trusted Customer
Verified Customer

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Being established since 1999 in Somersets Cheddar Gorge and County Town of Taunton. The Gorge Bear Co and World of Bears are renowned for being the worlds best and biggest teddy bear shop most people will have ever visited.

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Trusted Customer
Verified Customer

A little bit smaller than I expected, but beautifully made and sooo lifelike!

Clare Craig
Verified Customer

Quick postage would recommend.

Andrew Thompson
Verified Customer

Excellent service, quick delivery.

Susan Graham
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Very good products. Used you for several years. Kids love them.

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Order arrived really well packaged, perfectly safe, lovely steiff mouse inside. Couldn't have asked for better service

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