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Teddy Bears Of Witney Peter Bull’s Theodore Bear in Suitcase Mohair Miniature

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From their Old Witney Favourites, we introduce the inviting Theodore, a replica of the original, owned by the late, true arctophile and actor Peter Bull. He is a Teddy Bears of Witney Exclusive.

Theodore is the same size as his original counterpart, 8.5 cm / 3.5" and fully jointed. He has been sewn from a gold, short-pile mohair and lovingly stuffed with wood shavings and daintily shaded to give the impression of age and 'worn' areas. He has glossy black eyes above his off-centre cocoa stitched nose (just like the original), with the impression of a longer muzzle, due to the thread semi circles above and below (smile), but it's enough to bring that warm, friendly endearment.

He comes in a bespoke, handmade leather trunk that features the Teddy Bears of Witney logo, corner and edge protectors, straps, buckles and sturdy handle. The detail continues inside, with a cotton lining and pocket. It fits his wooden chair, complete with T initial embroidered cushion and Theodore himself.

He is a Teddy Bears Exclusive, Limited Edition of 10,000.
Suitable for collectors only, This is NOT a toy