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Charlie Bears Minimo Collection

Minimos are from the Limited Edition, Isabelle Collection by Charlie Bears. Each uniquely designed piece, has handfuls of charm, and is part of a Set of Bears. Choose your favourite, or collect your own Petite Hug.

Charlie Bears Minimo Collection

Indulge in the enchanting allure of the Charlie Bears Minimo Collection, the perfect choice for collectors searching for exquisitely crafted miniature plush bears with undeniable charm. Charlie Bears, known for its imaginative designs and attention to detail, has created the Minimo Collection to offer a captivating range of collectible bears in miniature form. Each Charlie Minimo Bear is meticulously designed with the same love and care as their larger counterparts, making them true masterpieces in a smaller package.

When you search for Charlie Bears Minimo Collection, you’re opening the door to a world of miniature magic and sophistication. These collectible companions are meticulously crafted to perfection, exuding a unique personality and charm that captivates both children and adults alike.

Charlie Bears Minimo bears are not just miniatures; they are tokens of artistry and elegance. With their endearing designs and exquisite craftsmanship, these bears add a touch of whimsy and allure to any collection, making them coveted treasures among bear enthusiasts.

These delightful miniature plush bears make for thoughtful and cherished gifts for collectors, miniatures enthusiasts, and anyone captivated by the allure of small wonders. Whether displayed as part of an elegant collection or given as a treasured present, Charlie Bears Minimo Collection offers a delightful way to bring a touch of joy and sophistication to your life.

Embrace the magic of Charlie Bears and let the charm of Minimo Collection captivate your heart. Celebrate the enchantment of collecting with these lovable and meticulously crafted companions, each embodying the essence of whimsy and elegance that sets Charlie Bears apart as a beloved and renowned brand in the world of collectible plush toys. Explore the Minimo Collection online and discover the timeless beauty and allure of these miniature masterpieces. Discover the best deals and latest additions to the Minimo Collection, making your search for the perfect miniature bear a delightful and fulfilling journey.

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Perfect gift for my granddaughters birthday I am sure she will love it

Elizabeth Abbott
Verified Customer

gorgeous soft aqua bunny colour is beautiful .

claire surmon
Verified Customer

Fast service....even to the United States

anne dolezal
Verified Customer

Very cute item. My son loved it. Excellent quality and quick delivery time

Tracey White
Verified Customer

Nice eyes and very well made

Trusted Customer
Verified Customer

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Being established since 1999 in Somersets Cheddar Gorge and County Town of Taunton. The Gorge Bear Co and World of Bears are renowned for being the worlds best and biggest teddy bear shop most people will have ever visited.

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Trusted Customer
Verified Customer

andrew richards
Verified Customer

David Tynan
Verified Customer

Shipped from UK to Chicago USA. Got stuck at my local post office so I had to track it down there to pick up. Other than that all went well. Price was best option over the pond. I loved the box with the company branding and picture on it. Also the card inside telling about the company. Both added values but made ordering from WOB special. I used that to make the unboxing an event and point out the exciting orgin and trip the stuffed puppy had to travel to reach my daughter. We have three girls under 6 and each now have a unique Jelly Cat puppy that is their primary lovey as they call them. Takes them everywhere. I'm not telling you anything you don't know, just reminding WOB to keep doing it. Actually if anything WOB might consider pointing out to customers online how the item will be boxed. It does add value and might motivate a prospect to choose WOB over a competitor. Thinking further that picture of the unique gorge store on the postcard you include in the box was smart. The idea that your stuffed animal came from a unique little cottage like store in an unique location stands out. It's almost mythical or magical which is really what your giving the child when you give them a toy, a little piece of magic to play with. I actually lived in London for two years running some of British Airways' advertising campaigns. A product or service just being from the UK can symbolize quality steeped in history above all else. No other country can claim that heritage as far back as the UK. Well enough of my carrying on. It's actually 4am here in Chicago and can't sleep. One of my daughters has me up, crawled in our bed, stuffed puppy in hand. Cheerio.

Susan Maxwell
Verified Customer

Product exactly as it should be

Jo Norton
Verified Customer

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