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Walt Disney

Walt Disney

Walt Disney History

Walt Disney and soft toys/collectibles have a deeply intertwined history. Walt Disney, the co-founder of The Walt Disney Company, played a pivotal role in shaping the world of animation and entertainment, and his influence on the soft toy and collectibles industry is immense. Here’s a glimpse of the connection between Walt Disney and soft toys/collectibles:

  • Mickey Mouse and the Birth of Disney Merchandise: Walt Disney’s first major success came with the creation of Mickey Mouse in 1928. The lovable and iconic character quickly became a global sensation. Recognizing the commercial potential of Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney became one of the pioneers of character licensing. Mickey Mouse merchandise, including soft toys, dolls, and figurines, flooded the market, marking the beginning of Disney’s venture into the world of collectibles.
  • The Disney Princesses and More Iconic Characters: As The Walt Disney Company continued to produce successful animated films, more beloved characters were introduced to the world. Classic Disney Princesses like Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, as well as modern characters like Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), and Simba (The Lion King), became cherished figures. Each new film brought a plethora of soft toys and collectibles featuring these characters, further solidifying Disney’s presence in the merchandise industry.
  • Expansion of Merchandise Lines: As Disney expanded its animated film portfolio, so did its merchandise lines. In addition to soft toys, Disney started producing a wide array of collectibles, including figurines, plush dolls, action figures, playsets, and more. These collectibles became sought-after items for both children and adult fans, fueling the growth of the Disney collectibles market.
  • Theme Parks and Exclusive Collectibles: With the opening of Disneyland in 1955 and subsequent Disney theme parks worldwide, the availability of exclusive collectibles expanded even further. Visitors to the parks could purchase unique soft toys and limited-edition collectibles that were only available at these locations, creating a sense of exclusivity and desirability among fans and collectors.
  • Pop Culture and Crossover Collectibles: Over the years, Disney characters have become iconic symbols of pop culture. The company has collaborated with various brands to create crossover collectibles, merging Disney characters with other franchises, resulting in unique and collectible items that appeal to a broader audience.
  • Continued Success and Legacy: Decades after its inception, The Walt Disney Company remains a powerhouse in the soft toy and collectibles industry. New generations of fans continue to fall in love with classic and contemporary Disney characters, driving the demand for soft toys and collectibles that celebrate these beloved figures.

Here at World of Bears we stock a vast array of characters and merchandise from Disney’s Licensed soft toys and collectibles which are an enduring legacy that continues to bring joy and nostalgia to fans of all ages.

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Lovely Teddy for my youngest granddaughter fast delivery

Tina Lockwood
Verified Customer

Excellent service & quality items. Good communication when an item I ordered was out of stock...prompt refund to my account. My little girl adores her sugar-glider...I'll definitely be making future purchases.

Lisa Saunders
Verified Customer

I would highly recommend

Clive Swindells
Verified Customer

A much sort after hare which they had to get from Germany for me.It is wonderful to say that is, cute, well made and sits in my bedroom and gets pride of place among the leverets and I call her Bluebell they are called Primrose and Cowslip.A proper family.

anita clarke
Verified Customer

A very beautiful bear that was a lovely gift for my partner

darryl gane
Verified Customer

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Trusted Customer
Verified Customer

first class service pleasure to purchase from you hope to buy from you in the future.,Fast posting and well packed.Many thanks

Verified Customer

Friendly, helpful and caring service.

Elizabeth Abbott
Verified Customer

Hi I have visited your shop whilst on holiday. The gentleman who served me was very good. I received my bears when I was told when I would receive them. My husband has also bought me a Charlie bear from you. Service is excellent and would recommend you to my friends and family. Thanking you Mrs Abbott

Trusted Customer
Verified Customer

What a helpful and responsive company. They are great.

Bryan Garnett
Verified Customer

Excellent gift for my granddaughter

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